SwiftKey for iOS is being killed off next month

Microsoft has announced that the SwiftKey keyboard for iOS devices will no longer be available to download starting next month. The information comes from Mary Jo Foley of ZDNETwho received confirmation from the company that the app will be delisted as of October 5th.

Foley had to reach out to Microsoft to learn this, as it has been over a year since the app was last updated. Microsoft provided a support page that does indeed confirm that the app will no longer be available to download starting next week. It had become apparent that the app was no longer being actively supported, but it’s not clear why. Microsoft did not provide an explanation for this decision when asked.

A possible reason is that it’s very difficult for Microsoft to build the kinds of cross-device experiences it wants to create on iOS. Apps like Phone Link are only available on Android, and one of the latest features Microsoft has added to SwiftKey on Android is the ability to sync your clipboard across devices through the cloud. That may not be feasible on iOS.

If you’re worried about the future of SwiftKey as a whole, however, there’s no need to fret. Microsoft’s Chris Wolfe, Director of Product Management at SwiftKey, said that “Microsoft will continue support for SwiftKey Android as well as the underlying technology that powers the Windows touch keyboard.”

SwiftKey is one of the most popular keyboard apps for smartphones, offering intelligent predictive texting with AI algorithms that try to guess what you want to say as you type. One of its most interesting features is the ability to type in multiple languages ​​simultaneously without having to switch between them, although there’s plenty more on offer, including a variety of themes for customization. Microsoft has also been working on bringing over some of those capabilities to Windows, which became especially apparent with Windows 11.

It’s certainly unfortunate to see SwiftKey discontinued on iOS, but thankfully, there are other great options, such as Google’s Gboard. If you already have SwiftKey installed, you can also keep using it until you uninstall it or buy a new phone.

What keyboard do you see on iOS? Let us know below!

Source: ZDNET

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