Exercise bike vs treadmill: Which is best for cardio?

Exercise bike vs treadmill: which is going to give you a better workout and improve your cardiovascular fitness? Whether you have one of the best exercise bikes (opens in new tab) or best treadmills (opens in new tab) at home, the truth is, both machines offer an effective way to raise your heart rate, rev up your metabolism and torch calories and body fat.

“These two machines are generally the most popular and common in commercial gyms, home gyms and classes,” says chartered physiotherapist Helen O’Leary. “Both work the cardiovascular system and they can be used for HIIT training or steady state cardio which is maintaining the same pace for a long time.”

Helen O'Leary

Helen O’Leary is a chartered physiotherapist and Pilates instructor/director of Complete Pilates (opens in new tab) in London, England. Helen graduated from Birmingham University in the UK in 2008 and completed a Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation course in 2010. Helen started her career as a physiotherapist in professional men’s rugby and with Cirque du Soleil before launching Complete Pilates. After 13 years of dealing with acute trauma injuries as a physiotherapist, Helen works with clients before and immediately after surgery to optimize their recovery.

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