Crowd Can’t Stifle Laughter When Ted Cruz Accuses Biden of Giving ‘Unhealthiest’ Presidential Speech

A festival audience just couldn’t hold their laughter when Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) had the audacity to claim President Joe Biden gave the unhealthiest presidential speech he’s ever seen. “Listen, we saw Joe Biden stand up in Pennsylvania and give a speech—bathed in red light like Emperor Palpatine, that was bizarre—where he called half the country fascist, or I guess semi-fascist was the term he uses,” Cruz told the crowd at the Texas Tribune Festival, where he was being interviewed by the Washington Examiner‘s David Drucker. “That’s not healthy,” Cruz added. “I’ve never seen a president give a speech like that.” Apparently the crowd hated, as they burst out chuckling. Even Cruz seemed to give a knowing smirk. “Might’ve, might a way to look at this be, I’ve seen a president give a speech like that. It wasn’t a good idea when he did it, and it’s not a good idea when his successor did it?” Drucker replied. “I will say this: It’s not uncommon in politics to see one candidate or one officeholder demonize their opponent,” Cruz said. “Nobody should be surprised to see Donald Trump essentially calling Joe Biden the son of a bitch, or Joe Biden calling Donald Trump a son of a bitch. That’s politics. That’s happened a long time.”

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