RivCo launches monkeypox portal to breakdown cases by city and other demographics

Monkeypox continues to spread throughout Riverside County, with a majority of cases here in the Coachella Valley.

Officials reported there are two new probable and/or confirmed Monkeypox cases. They are said to be men between the ages of 35 and 45. One of the cases is from the Coachella Valley, while the other is from western Riverside County.

To keep track of those cases, the county launched a dashboard to breakdown cases through multiple demographics. It includes race, age and gender.

“I clicked the link, and it was able to show me the demographics, the all the types of questions that were asked when that survey was handed out, and I was able to see a lot of information,” said Palm Desert resident Isaiah Manalili as he scrolled through the new portal.

Right at the center of the dashboard, you can see the number of cases in each city. Palm Springs has 59 cases, Cathedral City has 20 cases and Desert Hot Springs with 5 cases.

“It just makes me feel like certain areas are being more responsible with it. And also, we can show where certain areas might need more of the vaccine or might need some more help and attention,” Manalili explained.

He told News Channel 3’s Samantha Lomibao he got his monkeypox vaccine this week, and feels much safer being out and about. But with the portal, he said it’s nice to know what’s happening around his community. “It’s easily spreadable. And we just want to make sure that everyone else out there in the world, and especially our local area knows.”

The same went for Palm Springs resident Eric Berntson, who just recently moved from San Francisco. A city that’s seen a significant rise in monkeypox cases. “They were doing a great job telling us exactly where it is how to, you know, stay safe. And I think reporting all of that really does make a difference and keeping every community safe.”

And although Berntson has received his monkeypox vaccine, he believes the portal is a good way to keep the community informed. “It spreads so quickly across a few, I think it’s really important that people are just aware of the prevalence of monkeypox in the community. So the more you’re aware, the more you can take the right precautions, and, you know, stay ahead of the game and stay safe.”

Click here to see the county’s monkeypox portal.

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