Woman sparks uproar by declaring that being fat is not beautiful

A woman has come under fire after stating that she believes “fat people are not beautiful” and that “being fat is not okay”.

The anonymous Australian woman was featured in a TikTok video on a channel called Common Ground Convosa page that says they “ask the important but controversial question, then try to find common ground”.

On a video captioned “Is it okay to be fat? What do you think?”, the host asks a woman on the street her opinions about obesity.

“I can’t do fat people. It’s not okay to be fat,” the woman declared.

Holding up a photograph of plus-size influencer Tess Holliday, the interviewer asks the woman what she thinks.

“No I can’t look at that, sorry, I can’t,” she said.

During the conversation, the woman was shown a picture of plus-size model Tess Holliday.
During the conversation, the woman was shown a picture of plus-size model Tess Holliday.

“Would you ever consider that beautiful? Would you ever consider that healthy?” he tried.

She answered a firm “no” to both, shaking her head.

“Why are young people being told that beauty is just a social construct?” he continued.

“That’s bulls–t” she replied.

“I can’t do fat people. Do you want a fat person waddling, they can’t walk because their thighs are so big?

“It’s not healthy and it doesn’t look good.

“Maybe I’m politically incorrect, but I don’t give as–t.”

As they continued to stand on the street, the interviewer asked the woman her opinion on body positivity.

“What would you say is body positivity done right? he asked.

“Eat healthy, not too much sugar, everything in moderation,” she said.

“Apart from sex.”

“It’s not healthy and it doesn’t look good,” the woman said of fatness.

The comment section on the video spurred up a range of differing opinions from people.

While some slammed what she had said, others stated that they agreed.

“Chill out bro. She’s giving work mum with 4 kids that forbids soda,” one said.

“How is someone’s physical appearance affecting you?” asked another.

“Why is it a problem for here though? It’s not really got anything to do with her.”

“Finally someone who said it, pretty harsh but 100 percent agree,” someone added.

“I love her, the only lady who can speak the truth,” one commented.

“People would rather live in delusion than ever face reality.”

In a follow-up video, the channel spoke to two women who had a different opinion on the topic.

“I can look at people, and say this person is overweight and doesn’t take care of themselves,” the interviewer said.

“I don’t think you should though, because that’s unfair” one of the women said.

“You don’t know that person.”

Bringing up Tess Holliday again, he asked the woman if she considered her a good role model.

“There’s a lot of factors into that. I don’t know this diet. I don’t know her exercise routine,” she replied.

“Wouldn’t you say you know it just by looking at her?” the interviewer asked.

“Absolutely not, because I don’t know her.”

In the comments, the channel’s followers again had differing opinions on the issue.

“When I think of a good role model, I think of her morals, values, and niceness, not her size,” one said.

“Weight isn’t as simple as calories in and calories out, many factors such as genetics, hormones and metabolism need to be considered.”

“This is what happens when we value feelings over facts,” another stated. “You can absolutely control your weight from a scientific perspective.”

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