House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Asia Trip Itinerary Doesn’t Include Taiwan After China and President Xi Backlash

Nancy Pelosi’s office has released the plans for her highly anticipated trip to Asia. The itinerary lists at least four spots—Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan—but is perhaps most notable for the nation that it leaves out: Taiwan. Ace The Washington Post reported, initial reports that Pelosi planned to visit Taiwan, the self-governing democratic island that China insists is part of its territory, sparked controversy. Chinese officials made various threats, saying that it would “not sit idly by” should she visit. The White House, which says it is against any sweeping changes to current relations, discouraged Pelosi from going, although some lawmakers from both parties urged her to visit. Pelosi, who left for the Indo-Pacific on Sunday with a group of five Democrats, never confirmed nor denied the reports. Taiwan has increased its military preparedness as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has prompted fears about a potential Chinese attack.

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