Our Top Picks: The Nordstrom Annual Anniversary Starts Today

If you’re a Nordstrom cardholder, you can take advantage of the deals starting now. (The rest of us have to wait until next week, but do not worry, we’ll refresh this page then!)

The annual Nordstrom sale is always distinctive in that you can get new fall merchandise on sale at the beginning of the season, rather than having to wait until November or December. That’s why we like it!

This sale, though, usually takes place later in July or early August, when there are more fall items on the shelves. This year, it’s a bit earlier, so we’re not seeing the great shoe and coat picks like in previous years. But that does not mean there aren’t some cute items and great values.

Instead, there’s some nice transitional pieces, great staples, and even home picks. A nice mix! Here is a peak at our favorites. We’ve tried to list all the items from lowest to highest price in each category (while keeping like items together).

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