AMD EPYC Genoa “Zen4” CPU gets pictured some more along with its massive SP5 socket and heatsink

AMD EPYC Genoa poses for new photos

Earlier this week YuuKi_AnS revealed the specs of the EPYC 9004 series based on Genoa silicon. These are the upcoming data-center series featuring AMD Zen4 architecture. Based on this information, the new EPYC will feature up to 96 cores and 360W of TDP, a 50% increase in cores and 28% in TDP compared to Zen3 EPYC Milan series.

EPYC Genoa will be encapsulated into a new AMD SP5 package and for LGA-6096. This basically means that Genoa will require entirely new motherboards and as a result new cooling solutions.

AMD EPYC Genoa Engineering Sample, Source: YuuKi_Ans / Reddit

The photos of this new socket have been posted before, but the new ones might be the highest resolution of them yet. Furthermore, there is a photo of the SP5 heatsink attached with as many as 8 torx screws.

AMD SP5 socket and heatsink, Source: YuuKi_Ans / Reddit

AMD Genoa is set to launch in the fourth quarter this year, most likely before Intel deploys its Xeon Sapphire Rapids in volume. Both processors have already been available to first customers, either for early deployment or for testing. In any case, this is how such photos end up posted online.

Source: YuuKi_AnS, Save your

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