Paramedics laugh uncontrollably at a blooper video for International Paramedics Day

July 8 is the first International Paramedics Day and in marking the occasion, two paramedics from the UK proved they may be good at their jobs – but they are not good on camera. While filming a video about what it means to be a paramedic, Dave Tamarro and Joe Cartwright of the Luton Ambulance Station could not contain their laughter.

Their blooper reel, shared on Facebook, shows Cartwright unable to get any words out because with every attempt, he starts to laugh.

“Hello, everybody. Welcome to Luton Ambulance Station,” Tamarro says. Before he introduces himself, Cartwright bursts out laughing, which then makes Tamarro laugh.

Eventually – after several takes interrupted by giggles – Tamarro is able to explain that the first International Paramedic Day is July 8, and he asks his colleague, “What’s it like being a paramedic?”

“It feels really good to be a paramedic,” Cartwright says, before laughing again. “I do not know why I keep saying that. I can not stop saying, ‘It feels good.’ I’m so sorry! ”

The clip was shared by East of England Ambulance Service, or EEAST, NHS Trust and gained widespread attention online.

“We received thousands of lovely messages about Dave and Joe’s many attempts at their message for International Paramedics Day ,: Tom Abell, chief executive of EEAST, said in a statement to CBS News.” I know they have both been amazed by the response. ”

“We felt it was important to mark this first ever International Paramedics Day on Friday 8th July to celebrate the work of our dedicated crews, who work so hard to support our patients and communities.”

International Paramedics Day was created and organized by the College of Paramedics in the UK, as well as professional paramedics’ organizations from around the world.

July 8 was chosen because it is the anniversary of the birth of Dominique-Jean Larrey, “the man often referred to as the ‘father of modern-day ambulance services,’ according to the College of Paramedics.

The organization shared several other videos from paramedics on July 8 to mark the day. “Really so proud of being a paramedic and watching the profession grow,” Marcus Bailey, chief operating officer at EEAST, said in one video. “The amazing things that everyone does every day, it’s amazing. It’s so special.”

“Like 32,000 others in the UK, I am a paramedic,” says Graham Clark, a paramedic and chair of EEAST’s LGBT + network. “Being a paramedic is important to me. It gives me a privileged opportunity to be there for people at the very best moments of their lives – but also make their worst moments a little easier for them, or bearable.”

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