Casio Makes A Watch For Everyone

Branching out from simple and accurate digital watches, or even those rocking calculators, Casio has grown to represent a huge array of specialized lines, including the core Casio Classic models, G-Shock (with Baby-G, Master of G, MT-G , MR-G), Oceanus, Sheen, Wave Ceptor, Pro-Trek, Databank, and more. The options are myriad and Casio excels at offering something at just about any price point, from a $ 15 F-91W to a $ 3,000 “Kachi-Iro” or even the ~ $ 69,500 solid gold G-Shock G-D5000-9JR (of which they made 35 units for the brand’s 35th birthday). Me? I’m partial to a sweet little “gold” world timer that is linked below.

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