Brooke Jenkins is London Breed’s pick to replace Chesa Boudin

Jenkins quit her job in the district attorney’s office to campaign against her former boss, becoming one of the most prominent faces of the recall campaign.

By picking Jenkins, Breed tapped into an appointee with the most recent experience in the office, name recognition and a powerful campaign network that could provide a groundswell of support when Jenkins runs in the November election. The race could pit her against her former boss Boudin, who has not ruled out another run.

Jenkins, who is Black and Latina, worked in the District Attorney’s office for more than seven years, prosecuting misdemeanors, domestic violence, homicides and as the former lead hate crimes prosecutor. Prior to that she worked in private practice and for the NCAA, according to her LinkedIn.

According to the mayor’s office, Breed chose Jenkins because of her belief in prosecution and accountability for repeat offenders balanced with criminal justice reform, since she has family members who were victims of violent crime and police brutality.

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