GTA 4 Fans Delivered Bad News by Rockstar Games Insider

A notable Rockstar Games insider has today delivered some bad news for those who might be fans of Grand Theft Auto 4. In recent years, reports and rumors have circled suggesting that Rockstar would eventually release a remaster of GTA 4 at a time in the future for modern platforms. And while Rockstar itself never teased that such a remaster was in the works, it sounds like any plans for this project have now been scrapped.

According to a Rockstar insider that goes by the name Tez2, the longtime Grand Theft Auto developer has no intention of remastering both GTA 4 and the original Red Dead Redemption. Tez2 says that this information comes by way of a “reliable source” that said such remasters “were on the table a few years ago,” although Rockstar eventually decided not to move forward with porting either title to current-gen platforms.

While specifics of this situation were not given, Tez2 notes that one of the reasons why Rockstar may have opted not to port Grand Theft Auto 4 spirit Red Dead Redemption is due to the poor response that was seen with Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. At the end of 2021, Rockstar brought GTA 3, GTA Vice Cityand GTA San Andreas to modern platforms with a bundle called The Definitive Edition. And while this news initially excited a number of fans, the remasters of all three titles were less than stellar, to say the least. Bugs, graphical problems, and numerous other issues plagued all three games to the point that Rockstar eventually apologized for its quality.

In light of this disastrous release, it seems like Rockstar is now potentially deciding not to mess with remasters at all. And while we know that Rockstar is currently in the process of making GTA 6, it remains to be seen what the studio does between now and that game’s release. Based on what we’ve heard in the past, GTA 6 might not launch until 2024 or 2025, which means that Rockstar fans could be in for a dry spell in the coming years.

How do you feel about knowing that remasters of GTA 4 spirit Red Dead Redemption likely won’t release in the future? And if we do not see games like this coming back, what will Rockstar actually release in the lead-up to Grand Theft Auto 6? Let me know your own thoughts either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @ MooreMan12.

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