Xbox Fans Are Calling For The End Of Games With Gold

Xbox fans are calling for the end of Xbox Live Gold’s Games With Gold program, which, in its current iteration, awards Xbox Live Gold subscribers on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X two Xbox One games every month and two backward compatible Xbox games (Xbox 360 or original Xbox) every month. While PlayStation has added PS5 games to the mix with its identical service PS Plus, Xbox has yet to shake things up for the new generation. And that’s not the only way Games With Gold is lagging behind. The games it offers each and every month are consistently underwhelming, especially compared to what the competition is offering.

Yesterday, Xbox revealed July’s Games With Gold lineup, and it’s another very disappointing lineup of games, comprised of two games that have been made free in the past and another two most will not care about. If you have not seen the lineup, it’s comprised of the following games: Beasts of Maravilla Island, Relicta, Thrillville: Off the Railsand Torchlight.

As you would expect, Xbox fans have not been very receptive to the announcement, at least not in the replies to the Xbox Wire post relaying the news. In fact, some have gone as far as to call for the end of Games With Gold.

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