Have You Seen This? Wild horses flee from hungry grizzly

A grizzly bear chases wild horses in Alberta on May 26. (ViralHog via YouTube)

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BEAR COUNTRY – Grizzly bears are known for their diversely omnivorous diet that includes everything from fish and deer to berries and roots. Based on this video captured in Alberta last month, I guess you can add wild horses to this list.

The footage comes from trail cameras placed in the Canadian province by the Help Alberta Wildies Society to keep an eye on wild horses. As seven horses rumble past the first camera, they’re followed by a big grizzly bear.

It’s an incredibly intense scene and you can not help but wonder if the grizzly ever caught up to the horses.

“The next time someone tells you that wild horses have no natural predators, send them to me,” the video’s caption on the group’s Facebook page states. “We are losing a lot of horses this year, sooner and quicker than in past years. … We have picked up eight different bears now, on the cameras, in the last few weeks.”

Additional videos on the nonprofit organization’s Facebook page show some of the local grizzlies doing more endearing things like curiously pawing at the trail cameras or scratching their backs on trees like Baloo from “The Jungle Book.”

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