Ukrainian defenders destroy one Russian Su-25 attack aircraft, 8 armored combat vehicles and an ammunition depot


On June 24, Ukrainian air defense shot down a Russian Su-25 attack aircraft, while strike aviation in Kharkiv Oblast destroyed 8 infantry fighting vehicles, causing Russian troop losses. One of the occupiers’ ammunition depots on the southern border was also hit.

Source: Command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook

Quote: “On June 24, [Ukrainian – ed.] Su-25 attack aircraft and Su-24m bombers conducted several air strikes on the Izium front, destroying 8 infantry fighting vehicles and killing enemy troops. On the southern borders, Air Force strike aircraft struck another Russian ammunition depot.

Airborne Assault Force air defenses downed another Russian Su-25 attack aircraft on June 24. “

Details: It is reported that the Russians launched missile strikes on Ukraine on June 24 – the invaders mostly used aircraft remotely, without entering the Ukrainian air defense area.

The occupiers also conducted aerial reconnaissance using various types of UAVs along the entire front line, as well as within the country. On June 24, a Russian operational-tactical UAV was shot down by a Ukrainian Air Force anti-aircraft missile unit in Kyiv Oblast.

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