YouTube Music radio tests flavor pills to better match your tastes

It’ll give you more control over your radio mixes

All your friends might be rocking out to their favorite tunes on Spotify, but if that’s not your speed, you might be a YouTube Music subscriber instead. Google’s latest music streaming service has come a long way since the death of Play Music, and the company keeps adding new ways to enhance your musical experience in the app. Some new filters are currently in testing for your queue, making it easier than ever to nail the right vibe and get you through that workday.

As shared on Reddit by u / hanubeki and first spotted by 9to5Google, Google might add some new chips to the Up next queue when actively playing from a radio-generated list of songs. These filters allow you to mix and match the tone of the mix you’re going for, with “All” on by default. Some of the examples shown (and translated from Japanese) include “Familiar,” “Recommended,” and “Instrumental.” According to the original poster, these options changed depending on the current radio mix.


It’s easy to see how these filters would fit into your daily listening habits. If you’ve got a solid mix on YouTube Music created, but you need to limit your collection to instrumentals to stay focused at work, tapping on that particular pill would keep your queue alive without switching away. Once you’re ready to return to every song in your list, just tap on the “All” chip.

Unfortunately, it seems like this feature is still in the testing phase. While a couple of reports have popped up on Reddit, I’m not seeing these chips on any of my devices. Google loves to roll out new features to YouTube Music through server-side updates, so it may arrive for more users sometime in the near future.


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