Supreme Court rejects maps, but feds might use them

The Ohio Supreme Court once again rejected state House and Senate maps that favor Republicans, but a federal court is poised to impose them anyway.

The 4-3 decision released Wednesday afternoon stated that the fifth set of maps were unconstitutional and nearly identical to the third set, which the court previously rejected. The court ordered a new, sixth set to be submitted by June 3.

But that order might not have any bearing on how the districts look for the 2022 elections.

A trio of federal judges has made clear they will impose that third set of maps if the Ohio Redistricting Commission does not approve a better alternative by May 28.

The idea was to put an end to the tug of war between those drawing districts for the Ohio Legislature and the Ohio Supreme Court, which is tasked with interpreting anti-gerrymandering language in the state Constitution.

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