Woman Caught on Video Beating Son’s Classmate With Belt

Florida police have charged a woman who allegedly burst into a private school and beat her son’s classmate with a belt to settle a score between the boys. Kady Ann Sewell, 33, was charged with child abuse and trespassing after the assault at Florida City school was captured on video. Zendre Pollard, whose 13-year-old son was attacked, said Sewell’s son was bullying him and things got physical. Later in the day, Sewell allegedly showed up with the belt. “The mom comes in fussing and cussing at my child, and just beating him in his face! His head, his face, his arms, ”Pollard told NBC Miami. “How did this lady get this far, was able to hit my child multiple times, and you saw it was not broken up, she walked out calmly.”

Read it at NBC Miami

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