Introducing The New Q Timex GMT.

Quartz was not an overnight success, it took a number of years to enter the mainstream as the technology was eventually refined and made more accessible. It was not until the 1980s that the general populace truly started to embrace quartzitude, and one watch from Timex helped that happen. It was, of course, the Q Timex. When it was first released in 1979, the Q Timex was one of the first truly accessible quartz watches, and it represented a major turning point in how people approached quartz technology.

Timex was already known worldwide for its everyman approach to watchmaking, so the fact that it was embracing quartz in a major way with the headline-worthy Q Timex was significant for many in accepting the new tick-tick-ticking seconds hand. Where previous quartz watches were halo products intent on demonstrating the potential of quartz technology, the Q Timex was produced to reach as many people as possible. Thanks to the Q Timex, accurate and affordable watchmaking had a new champion, one that was brimming with style and – yes – Quartzitude, with a capital Q.

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