Sony’s PS5 graphics just got even more beautiful

If you’ve been lucky enough to get hold of a PS5 over the last year, you’ll know that the graphics are pretty incredible. But Sony has just quietly rolled out a new update that makes it look even better.

Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) is now available as an over-air update for the PS5. This “dynamically syncs the refresh rate of the display to the PS5 console’s graphical output,” which, in short, means smoother and crisper visuals. (Feeling lucky? Check out the latest PS5 restock news.)

PS5 console and controller

The update is available over the air right now (Image credit: Sony)

According to a blog post on the PS5 website, to take advantage of the tech, gamers will need an HDMI 2.1 VRR-compatible TVs or PC monitor (check out our roundups of the best TVs and best 4K monitors). Gameplay in many PS5 titles “feels smoother as scenes render seamlessly, graphics look crisper, and input lag is reduced,” with the help of VRR.

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