Snag Free Elder Scrolls And Wolfenstein Games On Steam

As the launcher goes offline, the company is slowly migrating its library over to Steam. To mark the occasion, three titles are now available for free – which includes entries in the iconic Elder Scrolls and Wolfenstein franchises. The titles are a few decades old, but it’s hard to complain about free games (especially ones as highly reviewed as these). Plus, it’s always interesting to give old PC games a whirl, even if it’s just to gain a better appreciation for the technological advances that have happened in such a short window of time.

The Elder Scrolls: Arena was the game that launched the entire series. As usual, you’ll play as a prisoner that’s given an open world to explore as you see fit, with a variety of unlockable skills and abilities at your disposal. And despite launching in 1994, Bethesda managed to include the ability to craft your own spells, a sprawling map, and hundreds of dungeons to dive into as you search for better gear. There’s also a dynamic day / night cycle and a compelling main quest, although its litany of side characters and auxiliary content are arguably more exciting.

Once you’ve wrapped up Arena, you can check out Daggerfall – the follow-up title that did not disappoint. Better graphics, better gameplay, and a better story make Daggerfall a must-play for fans of Skyrim or Oblivion. The story this time sees you traveling to High Rock to stop a powerful weapon from falling into the wrong hands, although you’re free to venture off in your own direction and tackle any variety of side quests.

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Unlike the epic single-player campaigns offered by Arena and Daggerfall, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a tense, multiplayer FPS. You’ll select between five different classes before heading out to the battlefield and digging into trenches with up to 31 other players.

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