Saginaw doctor Kenneth Pilon threatened Starbucks BLM supporters

A Saginaw optometrist has been charged with a federal hate crime for allegedly intimidating Black Lives Matter supporters in a series of actions involving nooses and threatening messages left for Starbucks employees across the state, the Department of Justice announced Wednesday.

According to court documents, Kenneth Pilon, 61, called nine Starbucks stores across the state in 2020 and told the person who answered the phone to relay this message to any Starbucks employees wearing BLM T-shirts: “The only good (N-word) is a dead (N-word) “

Pilon also allegedly told one employee, “I’m gonna go out and lynch me a (N-word).”

Pilon allegedly left these messages two days after Starbucks announced that it would provide 250,000 BLM T-shirts to employees who wanted to wear them during their shifts. This was the summer of 2020, when the nation saw an outburst of protests condemning the May 2020 killing of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer.

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