Android 13 Beta 1 hints at the Pixel 6 picking up this audio feature from iPhones

Spatial audio blasts your favorite songs in a whole new dimension

Android 13 Beta 1 is here, and while it’s shock-full of new features and improvements coming to all devices later this year, it’s also tailor-made for Pixels. Based on some code found in today’s update, Google’s latest smartphones are getting a fancy new audio feature that could help it compete against Apple’s recent efforts.

As spotted by’s Mishaal Rahman, Beta 1 ships with a spatializer effect in tow, ready for the Pixel 6 Pro. Rahman also found a shared library file for spatial audio in the “soundfx” folder included in today’s update. Both of these discoveries seem to confirm spatial audio support coming to Google’s newest devices, possibly with the arrival of Android 13 later this year.


It’s just the latest noise surrounding Google and spatial audio. A year ago, we heard our first rumors about upcoming Pixel Buds that could potentially support the feature, giving all of your favorite songs some added immersion. In March, a new report summarized all of the company’s recent audio-related acquisitions, all of which seem to point towards some sort of advanced audio hardware.

It’s not completely clear whether this upgrade would require certain headphones – like, say, that rumored Pixel Buds revision – or if it’ll work with any gear you have laying around. This isn’t the first time the Pixel 6 has received a major audio upgrade post-launch, either. Adaptive Sound arrived just a couple of weeks after the phones hit store shelves.

Although today’s Android 13 beta might not bring spatial audio support just yet, there are plenty of other features worth checking out. If you’re curious, enrolling in Google’s beta program takes just a few steps.


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