Gears 5 removing Map Builder, two achievements will auto-unlock

Gears 5 has removed its Map Builder feature, but the good news is that the two related achievements will not be discontinued. Instead, The Coalition has confirmed that both will auto-unlock for all players.

Two Gears 5 achievements relate to the creative mode, and if you have not already unlocked them, they should pop automatically the next time you sign into the game. A surprisingly generous move from a game whose achievements famously demand hundreds of hours of players’ time, right?

Free Gears 5 achievements

Gears 5Homegrown HiveThe Homegrown Hive achievement in Gears 5 worth 42 pointsCompleted a Featured community built Escape Hive

If you’ve already got one or both, The Coalition is laying on some extra goodies instead, as outlined in the tweet – a special banner for ‘I Made It All By Myself’ and 10,000 Coins for ‘Homegrown Hive.’ Sure, they’re anything but the most challenging achievements in Gears 5 and will barely make a dent in the 181-strong list, but a free achievement is a free achievement! It’s certainly a far cry from what Rare did with its discontinued Sea of ​​Thieves achievements, so the move will likely be music to a lot of ears.

Glad to see this? Does it help you out at all? Is this preferable to simply letting the achievements die? Let us know!

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