Fallout 76 update stops cheaters, fixes bugs, and wakes up the wolves – full patch notes

Fallout 76 isn’t going away anytime soon – Bethesda says it plans on updating the game for at least five more years. Major events like Invaders from the Beyond are part of that, but so are regular updates. The latest one makes some much-needed fixes.

First off, an exploit that allowed cheaters to place NPCs on the map has been handled. In fact, the entirety of the patch notes consists of bug fixes like this. This includes issues with building structures and using blueprints, a VATS hiccup, and several corrections for armor and weapons. Enemies were also running into some issues. Some froze in place, while others like wolves and dogs were not attacking the player at all – they’re back to biting you now. You can see the full patch notes at the bottom of this article.

Expect more updates for both improvement and content, as Bethesda has promised. This fall, we’ll be returning to The Pitt too. That’s coming after summer’s ninth season and Test Your Metal event.

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Fallout 76 Version Patch Notes

Update Sizes

  • PC (Bethesda.net): 1.6 GB
  • PC (Microsoft Store): 9.1 GB
  • PC (Steam): 2.2 GB
  • PlayStation: 9.2 GB
  • Xbox: 9.1 GB

Bug Fixes


  • Weapons: The Silver Shroud Tesla Rifle paint now correctly applies to the Charging Shotgun Barrel mod.

CAMPs & Workshops

  • Exploit: Fixed an issue in which cheaters could place NPCs in the game world.
  • Lights: The Diner Wall Light now correctly plays a sound effect when toggling it on and off.
  • Structures: Wires can now be attached to the power connector on the Firewatch Tower.
  • Structures: The Red Backwoods Bungalow now has an accompanying door, which can be found in the Doors tab in the build menu.
  • Structures: Players can now correctly place Blueprints that contain the Charleston Fire Station.
  • Walls: Wall Décor items, like Pennants, Frames, Posters, Signs, and etc., no longer clip into Enclave CAMP Walls.


  • World: The requirements for the “Complete Different Daily Quests” World Challenge have been reduced from 23 to 22, and it can now be correctly completed.


  • VATS: Melee VATS attacks while in third-person view no longer cause the player to encounter a black screen.


  • General: Addressed instances where enemies could sometimes become frozen and unresponsive.
  • Wolves: Fixed an issue that could prevent Wolves and other dog-type enemies from attacking the player.

Events & Quests

  • Public Events: Using the World Activity Tracker to Fast Travel to a Public Event that the player is already participating in no longer causes them to be removed from that event.
  • Public Events: Players now correctly join an active Public Event when walking into the event location.
  • Lode Baring: The quest tracker no longer persists on-screen after completing Lode Baring.

Fallout Worlds

  • Relaxed Building Restrictions: Setting the snapping toggle to “Collide” now correctly allows placement of CAMP objects without encountering “intersecting object” errors.


  • Armor: Fixed an issue that caused Thorn Armor’s bleed effect to stack unintentionally. To help account for this change, the bleed effect now deals five times its previous damage.
  • Exploit: Addressed an exploit that could cause a weapon to deal more damage than intended under certain circumstances.
  • Exploit: Addressed an exploit in which players could obtain certain magazines repeatedly from the same location.
  • Headwear: The Captain Cosmos Helmet now correctly prevents damage and disease from airborne hazards.
  • Melee Weapons: VATS attacks using automatic melee weapons, like the Ripper, now correctly progress the critical hit meter.
  • Ranged Weapons: Missile Launchers now correctly take condition damage from use, and they are no longer unbreakable.
  • Ranged Weapons: Alien Blaster and Alien Disintegrator projectiles now correctly impact objects and terrain.


  • Animation: Addressed an issue that could cause water sources to appear to stop flowing when playing Fallout 76 in a language other than English.


  • Allies: Allies no longer continue to appear as though they have a weapon drawn after leaving combat.

Performance & Stability

  • Client Stability: Fixed a client crash that could occur when using VATS melee attacks in third-person view.
  • Client Stability: Fixed a client crash that could occur when rapidly scrapping and storing objects in a CAMP that had reached the maximum build budget.


  • Keyring: Added sound effects that play when opening and closing the Keyring in the Pip-Boy.
  • Grenades: Excess sound effects no longer play when drawing a weapon with certain types of grenades equipped.
  • Sirens: Toggling a Siren on and off repeatedly no longer causes its sound effects to stack.

User Interface

  • Nearby Corpses: Lengthy enemy names are now spaced and sized more appropriately in the Nearby Corpses menu.
  • Photo Mode: Dr. Zorbo themed poses are once again available for use in Photo Mode for players who earned them during Season 7.
  • Photo Mode: Adjusted the Photo Mode pose list so that pose titles and animations are back in sync.
  • Scoreboard: On consoles, the player’s current Atom balance now updates immediately after purchasing Ranks via the “Rank Up to Here” button on the Scoreboard.
  • Scoreboard: Fixed an issue that caused the “Rank Up to Here” button to remain greyed out after purchasing Atoms.
  • Settings: Using the “Defaults” button in the Display options menu now correctly reverts Display settings to their default values.

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