10 companies that switched to permanent hybrid or remote work and hiring right now

Working from home continues to be the popular choice among employees, even as companies are trying to woo people back to the office.

Recent research from Microsoft, which surveyed 31,102 workers around the world between January and February, found that 52% of people are thinking of switching to a full-time remote or hybrid job this year, just as more businesses announce return-to-office requirements .

To help people find the best remote and hybrid opportunities, FlexJobs identified 25 companies that switched to a permanent flexible work model.

These companies have adopted either remote-first or trust-based approaches that see employees working from home full-time or choosing when, and how, they join their team in the office.

Sales, marketing and project management are among the top industries hiring for hybrid jobs in 2022. Here are 10 companies that switched to a permanent flexible work model and are hiring now, according to FlexJobs (see the full list here):

1. 3M

2. Atlassian

3. Coinbase

4. Lift

5. SAP

6. Reddit

7. Spotify

8. Twitter

9. Vista

10. HubSpot

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