Trump news – live: Ex-president faces fierce GOP backlash after endorsing TV’s Dr Oz in Senate race

Mitch McConnell explains why he will still support Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump has endorsed Dr. Mehmet Oz to represent Pennsylvania in the U.S. Senate. “I have known Dr. Oz for many years, as have many others, even if only through his very successful television show, ”Mr Trump said in a statement. “He has lived with us through the screen and has always been popular, respected, and smart.”

The announcement outraged many conservatives, including the previous Trump-endorsed candidate for that seat.

“I have enormous respect for President Trump,” tweeted Sean Parnell, who dropped out of the race in November. “But I’m disappointed by this. Oz is the antithesis of everything that made Trump the best president of my lifetime – he’s the farthest thing from America First & he’d be very bad for PA. ”

Meanwhile, Mr Trump launched a personal attack against former National Security Council Director Fiona Hill after she compared him to Vladimir Putin. He said if she did not have her British accent “she would be nothing”.

And as investigators continue probing the 2021 Capitol riot, Ali Alexander, the organizer of several “Stop the Steal” rallies, will cooperate with the Justice Department’s investigation of the January 6 insurrection, his lawyer says.


Will Donald Trump be charged over Jan 6? An evolving question for the DOJ

How likely is it that Donald Trump will actually face criminal charges, after being acquitted in two impeachment trials and so far facing few political consequences for the events of 6 January?

Read John Bowden’s piece here:

Maroosha Muzaffar12 April 2022 06:15


Canadian billionaire hit with ‘record-breaking’ fine for illegal $ 1.75m donation to Trump fund

A Canadian billionaire is set to pay a “record-breaking” fine levied by the Federal Election Commission after he was found liable for donating nearly $ 2m to a super PAC supporting former President Donald Trump and candidates aligned with his agenda.

Barry Zekelman broke campaign finance law by helping direct the contributions from Wheatland Tube, a US-based company he controls, to Super PAC America First Action in 2018, the Federal Election Commission ruled.

Now Mr Zekelman faces one of the FEC’s largest election-related fines in history after he illegally helped orchestrate US $ 1.75m in donations to a Donald Trump campaign group.

Read the full story here:

Maroosha Muzaffar12 April 2022 05:30


Could Marjorie Taylor Greene’s be blocked from office?

A federal judge will have final say this week regarding whether a group of voters seeking to block Marjorie Taylor Greene from mounting a reelection campaign will see their case move forward or end in failure.

The controversial Georgia congresswoman is the second GOP member of the House to be targeted by a legal effort to block avowed supporters of former President Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election from seeking office under the 14th amendment to the US Constitution, which prohibits those who “Shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion” against the US from holding federal office.

John Bowden has the latest.

Oliver O’Connell12 April 2022 05:15


Trump launches personal attack on Fiona Hill after comparison to Putin

Former President Donald Trump routinely told foreign heads of state and government that he deserved a “re-do” of his first two years in office and said he wanted to serve more than two terms as president, according to one of his former foreign policy advisers .

In an interview with The New York Times Magazineex-National Security Council director Fiona Hill said she saw Mr Trump had aspirations to be an autocrat in the mold of Russian president Vladimir Putin, Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Ergodan, or Hungary’s Viktor Orban.

Andrew Feinberg has the story.

Oliver O’Connell12 April 2022 04:30


Pennsylvania man arrested for putting ‘I did that’ Biden stickers on gas pumps

A man from Pennsylvania has been arrested after he placed stickers on gas station pumps depicting Joe Biden along with the phrase “I did that” to protest his belief that the president is solely responsible for soaring fuel prices.

Oliver O’Connell12 April 2022 03:45


Herschel Walker ships Georgia GOP debate

Mr Walker played for the University of Georgia as a running back and won the Heisman Trophy before playing for NFL teams like the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys. He is the frontrunner to challenge incumbent Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock this November.

Oliver O’Connell12 April 2022 03:00


GOP strategist: Trump’s dwindling rally crowds show base disappearing

A GOP strategist who used to work with one of Donald Trump’s closest advisers is pointing to the crowd sizes at his recent rallies as evidence that the GOP base is slowly losing its enthusiasm for the former president.

Susan Del Percio appeared on MSNBC where she made the comments on Sunday to Weekends with Alex Witt guest host Cori Coffin. Ms Del Percio, a PR specialist and Republican strategist who served as deputy commissioner for finance and administration in the administration of ex-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, said that dwindling crowd sizes at Mr Trump’s rallies in conservative areas were proof that the Trump brand was losing its staying power.

Oliver O’Connell12 April 2022 02:15


Trump-backed candidate mangles bizarre energy monologue

Herschel Walker, who is running against Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock, was asked on Fox Business yesterday about the Biden administration’s energy policy – and the answer he gave ranged from the unclear to the near incomprehensible. Take a look below.

Some Republicans have been concerned about Mr Walker’s strength in November given his checked personal history and lack of political experience, and interviews like this have not helped assuage those fears. However, he appears to be polling even with Mr Warnock, and sometimes slightly ahead.

Oliver O’Connell12 April 2022 01:30


NC Republican depicts Trump-backed opponent atop wheelbarrow of manure

Former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory is running in a hotly contested Republican primary for the chance to succeed retiring Senator Roy Blunt, and he has the disadvantage of facing a Trump-backed candidate in Tedd Budd, who has recently shown signs of gaining in the polls .

To try and slow Mr Budd’s momentum, Mr McCrory has released an ad touting his own conservative credentials on immigration while associating his rival with a wheelbarrow filled with faeces.

Oliver O’Connell12 April 2022 00:45


Was Trump manipulated into endorsing Dr. Oz?

Donald Trump’s decision to back TV doctor Mehmet Oz in the Pennsylvania Senate primary has raised eyebrows among many of his current and former allies, some of whom consider the on-air medic a risky choice.

Among those raising the alarm was Mo Brooks, the Alabama Congressman whom Mr Trump recently un-endorsed for urging supporters to stop fixating on the 2020 election (or, as many have pointed out, because he looks set to lose his own Senate primary).

Dr Oz’s controversial history is just one liability in both the primary and the November; also up there is his lack of political campaign experience, as well as his stances on issues like transgender equality and gun safety where he has historically differed from what now counts as Republican orthodoxy.

Oliver O’Connell12 April 2022 00:00

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