Halo Infinite Has Dropped To Just $ 20 For A Limited Time

There are plenty of great gaming deals going on at the moment across the spring sales, and a certain notable Xbox game has surfaced at a rather good price. Halo Infinite is now available for just $ 19.99 at Best Buy, a massive drop from its $ 60 retail price. Not only that, but this copy still also includes the Halo Infinite Steelbook, which is worth $ 10 alone.

Just for clarity, it’s worth noting that this deal is for Halo Infinite’s campaign, not to be confused with the Halo Infinite Multiplayer, which is still free-to-play and about to enter its Season 2 of content. So overall, it’s a pretty impressive deal for what is considered one of the best games of 2021.

Halo Infinite Drops to Just $ 20 at Best Buy

Halo Infinite for Xbox

If you’re not on Game Pass, this is one hell of a deal and well worth considering for your Xbox. Remember, Halo Infinite runs well on both Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles, so if you have not had the chance to play the game yet, this could be a great opportunity. It’s such a big IP, that we even reviewed the single-player campaign and multiplayer experience separately.

There’s been a few other surprising gaming deals recently, with Amazon running an impressive buy 2 get 1 free sale on games like Elden Ring and Ghostwire Toyko, and Cyberpunk 2077 even dropped to just $ 5 the other day. Although both of these sales have expired, there are plenty of other great discounts to check out at the moment. For example, Best Buy has got a great sale on Nintendo Switch games right now, including Breath of the Wild for just $ 40.

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Xbox Series X Bundle with Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller and Halo Infinite

Xbox Series X Bundle with Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller and Halo Infinite

If you have not yet secured yourself an Xbox Series X, this could be an even better deal for you. Yes this is a bundle deal, but the extra accessories are quite good: get a bonus Xbox Elite Series 2 wireless controller and the Halo Infinite game.

There’s even a bit of a discount. You’re essentially paying $ 500 for the console (normal price), $ 150 for the controller ($ 20 off), and $ 50 for the Halo Infinite game ($ 10 off). Now, that’s not as good as $ 20 for Halo Infinite, but it certainly still an option to consider.

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