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Players have a lot to explore in the Research Center. What were some details you enjoyed designing for the Howard & Maria Stark Center for Galactic History?

That’s all part of the introductory adventure in the Playtest Rulebook, “Enter: Hydra.” I do not want to spoil anything, but the heroes quickly learn that there’s a hostage situation going on at the Howard & Maria Stark Center for Galactic History on the Empire State University campus in Manhattan.

Tony Stark — who is, of course, Iron Man — founded the place as a means to learn more about where the Earth fits into the grand sweep of the history of the galaxy and beyond. When he donated the funds to set the building up, he asked that it be named in honor of his parents.

In the adventure, the players can take on the role of the characters we include in the book, or they can use characters they come up with on their own. Either way, they should have loads of fun.

Cartographer Brian Patterson did an amazing job translating my descriptions into a full-page, full-color map that appears in the book too. The details he put into it — things like constellation displays in the lobby — are just stunning.

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