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During the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary stage event, a lengthy Q&A session was held between fans and crucial staff members of the series.

These questions and responses have been shared by event participants, and we have translated them below. Twitter users Aibo and toro_cocoron0te are among the most prominent posters of these questions and answers.

The translation work throughout this article has been done by our team Ryuji.

Further, we will update this article accordingly when more translations are provided, and more questions are found:

  • Q1. Does the finale of Dark Road imply that the Player’s heart is now inside Xehanort’s?
    A1: Play Dark Road and you will find out.

  • Q2. This is the first time in KH that there is a story branch (the Yozora battle). What is the meaning behind this?
    A2: Since Yozora is so strong, I thought it would be better to put something in the game “if he loses”.

  • Q3. Was Ephemer aware of the player’s true intentions in Union Cross’ finale?
    A3: It was a pretty sad farewell, but there’s more to Ephemer than meets the eye. A “Missing Link”, if you will. All of the questions will be answered once you play Missing Link.

  • Q4: When did Naminé and Ansem first meet?
    A4: In Castle Oblivion.

  • Q5: Riku’s hair was cut in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. Who cut it for him?
    A5: Well, you all wanted his hair to be cut, so I answered your prayers …

  • Q6: Please tell us about the return of Roxas and Xion.
    A6: There were some doubts on whether to bring them back or not, but everyone had such strong feelings for them, so we decided to bring them back.

Amuse Missing – Link information was also revealed during this Q&A:

About Kingdom Hearts: Missing – Link

  • Smartphone game, to be released for Android and iOS

  • Promises to have action elements to be as faithful as possible to the main series

  • Max of 6 players can play together.

  • Screen orientation can be switched between portrait or landscape.

  • The story, chronologically speaking, is between Union Cross finale and before Dark Road’s start.

  • All of the mysteries we’ve had so far will be explained.

  • Keywords: Scala Ad Caleum, Founding Father Ephemer, Keyblade Wielders of a Secret Society

  • Closed Beta Test is scheduled for Fall of this year (Details on how to enter are still unknown, however)

  • Two systems: A story mode where you progress through quests, and a mode where you walk around (Comparable to Pokémon Go, but with ways to play it even without having to walk around in real life)

  • In this walking mode, you’ll collect pieces and strengthen your Keyblades.

Q&A Corner tweeted out by @ toro_cocoron0te

There are however, these two questions: “Several questions regarding Demyx’s true identity sparked among multiple attendants. Answer-wise, they just said:” Well, if I answer them NOW, I will not be able to draw their true potential, now will I? There are two people whose identities are not yet known in the Organization, all of which will be revealed in the future. “” Human Nobodies are not marked. They’re like pure-blooded Heartless, whereas the others are marked at birth. ”

About Kingdom Hearts IV

  • Not much can be said from it. More information will only come at a very later date, way after E3’s period. (We only revealed this much to avoid it being leaked early.)

  • All of the footage in the trailer is rendered in real-time by the game engine.

  • Trailer’s engine is in Unreal Engine 4, but KH4 will be developed using the new Unreal Engine 5.

  • The logo style has changed because we’re done with the Seekers of Darkness saga.

  • A new world is currently in development.

  • Nomura was uncertain on whether to call it Verum Rex or KH4, but ultimately decided on KH4, due to concern that the name Verum Rex would not connect to Sora.

  • The narration on both trailers (Missing – Link spirit Kingdom Hearts IV) is done by a character you have known for a long time. (@ toro_cocoron0te speculates it might be Young Xehanort)

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