Why Experts Do Not Like Dyson’s New Personal Air Purifier

I guess they haven’t read Dune … But in this case, in through the nose, out through the nose.

You can scare people … Way to go.

Peeps have to write. Not many peeps want to write straight …

How hard is it to travel 100,000 miles without a seatbelt and NOT die?
How likely is it to not use a mask in general public and NOT die?
How is it that we do not talk about motorcycle deaths per miles traveled?
Or how many safely completed motorcycle rides?

The reason is the reason this story is horsecrap. 99.999999% survive. 99.99999% of motorcycle trips end safely. 99.99999% of people not wearing masks do not get sick because they did not wear a mask. But you have ask yourself “How many people get sick because they are wearing a mask?” Anyone who thinks this number is minimal does not pay attention.

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