Will ‘Destiny 2’ Bring King’s Fall Or Wrath Of The Machine Out Of The Vault?

We know two things for sure about the next thing exiting Destiny 2’s content vault.

1) It will be a reprised Destiny 1 raid coming in season 18, where right now we’re in season 16, and next season, which brings the Iron Banner rework, season 17, should come with a new dungeon instead. Season 19 will have another dungeon after the reprised raid, before Lightfall’s new raid.

2) The raid will not be Crota’s End. That’s been previously dismissed by Bungie is too small in scale compared to the larger ones.

So, which one will it be? That’s something that no one seems to have a firm grasp on yet. Neither raid would necessitate the return of its accompanying zone. Bungie has already committed to not building out the Cosmodrome any further, so no Plaguelands. And it seems unlikely the entire Dreadnaught would return, since Venus did not when Vault of Glass arrived.

What are the pros and cons here?

King’s Fall Pros:

  • One of the most classic raids in Destiny history, attached to debatably its best expansion, the Taken King.
  • We have not yet seen the return of its raid exotic, Touch of Malice.
  • Destiny 2 has not had a Hive-focused raid since Crown of Sorrow, which is no longer in the game.

King’s Fall Cons:

  • Perhaps not as good as some remember compared to what’s come after, particularly DPS-lite segments like the final Oryx fight.
  • Story-wise, after an entire year-long plotline having us do battle with Savathun, a bit odd to have yet another conflict against a Hive god sibling, provided the story isn’t altered like VoG’s wasn’t.

Wrath of the Machine Pros:

  • Thought of as an underrated, but fan-favorite raid that did not get enough attention due to declining player population by the time Rise of Iron rolled around.
  • Would fit thematically with a potential Rasputin / SIVA-themed season, which I am strongly predicting will exist in year 5 here, based on ongoing hints.
  • Likely to hold up better mechanically over time than King’s Fall, perhaps allowing for fewer modifications to “modernize” it.

Wrath of the Machine Cons:

  • We have two Fallen raids in Destiny 2 already, including one that’s still live (Scourge and DSC)
  • These are SIVA-infected Splicer Fallen, which may require a lot more work on Bungie’s end to bring forward to D2 for a single activity, which may steer them away from it.
  • We’ve already gotten the raid exotic, Outbreak Perfected (Prime) ages ago in Destiny 2. In general, I’d argue the King’s Fall arsenal is more of a classic collection than Wrath’s.

So, which one am I leaning toward after all that? I’ve gone back and forth, but I’m thinking it’s going to be King’s Fall. It’s “more classic” than Wrath, and I think it’s a pretty key point that out of eight major raids, just one have been Hive-focused for the entire duration of Destiny 2 and that one is gone. Bungie tends to like to fill gaps like that.

We’ll see what happens, but for now, that’s my prediction. Let me know your own thoughts if you have them.

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