Netflix Users Are Getting A PlayStation 3 Arcade Classic For Free

Netflix subscribers should be grinning with glee at the news that they’re getting three games for free through their account with the mega streaming service. One is an educational game to promote World Water Day, one is a harrowing and gritty zombie shooter, and one of them is a remaster of a banger from the PlayStation 3.

Not too shabby, is it? Of course, there is still the residual sting of the fact that Netflix hiked its prices for its customers in the United States, seeing the basic plan rise from $ 9 to $ 10 per month, the standard plan rise from $ 14 to $ 15.50 per month, and the 4K plan rise from $ 18 to $ 20 per month. Honestly, I will be canceling my Netflix subscription (along with a number of others who are tightening their belts) but I’ll get one last watch of Arcane in before I press the big red button. It’s a great show, by the way.

Here’s the trailer for Arcane – you’ll totally see why I’ve watched it four times already.

So, all you need to grab these goodies is an active Netflix account and an iOS or Android device to play these games. The first on the list is This Is A True Story, an emotional narrative experience using real life events and interviews to show the journey of a young girl’s search for water for her village. It’s got a gorgeous hand-painted art style as well as an original soundtrack and environmental puzzles, and it was developed in collaboration with Charity: Water to time with World Water Day.

The second is Into The Dead 2which is, expectedly, the sequel to Into The Dead. The trailer is giving me major Telltale’s The Walking Dead vibes and there are multiple endings to explore as well as additional story events that put your survival skills to the test. Moreover, the player is able to adopt a dog in the apocalypse, and mark me, nothing bad can come that virtual dog’s way. Otherwise that’ll be it for my emotions.

And third on the list is Shatter Remastered. Released in 2009 for the PlayStation 3, this game has heavy influences from Breakout and the remaster only exists thanks to a random post on the Internet wondering if it would ever happen. Well, if I was a time traveler, I’d return to that fateful day, and say to my past self, “make a bet worth a million pounds that Shatter will be remastered. “I’m not a time traveler, though, so it’s lucky that Shatter Remastered is free to download and install through Netflix.

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