Crews work to rescue dog from LA River after saving 2 people

Crews are working to rescue a dog stuck in the Los Angeles River Monday afternoon in the Studio City area.

A woman in her 30s, the dog’s owner, was rescued by the Los Angeles Fire Department but the animal remained in the fast moving stream of water.

A rope system was used to lower one firefighter over the edge of the river, who was able to get a rescue ring to the woman. She abandoned the life ring in efforts to keep hold of her dog, LAFD said.

An LAFD air unit lowered a rescuer from a helicopter and secured the woman and then tracked the dog downriver.

Once the dog was located, a rescuer was lowered and they captured the dog. But the scared animal fought the rescuer and broke loose, LAFD said.

Ground crews were redeployed down river as the helicopter tracked the dog and attempted a different rescue opportunity. During this time a bystander entered the water, LAFD said.

Sky5 was overheard as the man appeared to jump into the water to grab the dog. He was able to grab the dog but they were swept downstream.

The man was able to grab hold of a rope sent down to him. A rescuer was then lowered into the river and successfully got the man out.

It was not immediately clear whether the man had any connection to the dog.

The LAFD advised people not to go into the stream to try to rescue the dog, as it will divert their resources.

The rescue effort was reported by LAFD at 2:13 pm and continued past 3:50 pm, with the dog remaining in the stream the entire time.

The incident came as a late March storm brought a significant amount of rain to the area Monday. Rainfall amounts between 1 to 2 inches were predicted for most coastal and valley locations in Southern California.

Check back for updates to this developing story.

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