What makes Elden Ring’s Margit such a hard boss?

Ol ‘Margit. Dear sweet Maggie. Elden Ring‘s premier gatekeep girlboss is giving people a hard time. I’m talking newbies, and Souls old heads. This crusty old goat is relentless and mean. Just a constant tornado of big sticks and magical blades. He’s the kind of boss who makes you wonder if you stumbled into the wrong area of ​​the map altogether. So what’s the deal? Is Margit actually harder than FromSoftware’s other early game skill check bosses?

In the video up top, I tried to figure it out. I analyzed his attack patterns, branching combo strings, arena layout, and bizarre rhythms. And the short answer is “yes.” Margit is the hardest, weirdest, coolest beginner boss I’ve ever seen in a Souls-like.

This is not a guide to beating him – you can find that here – but maybe my hands-on research will help you understand what makes Margit special, and why he’s so good at putting your foolish ambitions to rest.

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