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Prince Harry once gave the royal chef at Kensington Palace a masterclass in how to prepare the perfect crispy bacon.

Chef Darren McGrady, who spent a total of 15 years working in the royal kitchens, revealed he was taught how to improve his cooked breakfast by Prince Harry – while he was only a primary school student.

Mr McGrady told Express.co.uk: “I remember Prince Harry teaching me to cook crispy bacon, the little brat.

“I remember they came back from Disney in the US.

“And over here, I live in Dallas, Texas, we have that crispy snap bacon.

“He was about eight or nine and he came in in the morning and he was in his dressing gown, he looked so cute, and he asked ‘can I have bacon please? Can I have bacon and scrambled eggs? ‘

“And I said absolutely, yeah. So I started right away.

“And he said ‘can I have crispy bacon? In America we had crispy bacon. It was so good. And what you do is once you’ve cooked it, you put it on some paper towel in the microwave and it goes really crispy.

“And I said ‘get out!

“He was shooting out of the kitchen and when he had gone I tried it and it came out really crispy.

“I thought ‘you brat, you taught me how to cook!'”

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