Cars collide, narrowly missing San Jose cyclist: video

A Porsche driver allegedly fleeing San Jose police ran a red light and struck another vehicle in a violent collision that nearly proved disastrous for a cyclist who also flouted traffic rules.

Surveillance footage obtained by KTVU recorded the crash Thursday.

It shows a cyclist running a red light at E. Julian Street and N. 17th Street. At the same time, a Porsche SUV traveling in the opposite direction of the biker also runs the red light.

As the Porsche enters the intersection it slams into a silver sedan that had the right of way. The two cars careen across the street, taking out a traffic light and coming to rest outside the home of Danny Rey, who provided the footage.

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Police say the driver of the Porsche was fleeing from officers, though they did not say why police wanted to stop that car. San Jose police also said they were not chasing the Porsche, but arrested the driver after the crash.

There were no reported injuries.

A Porsche SUV allegedly fleeing from police ran a red light and collided with a silver car. A cyclist was almost hit too. Credit: Danny Rey (KTVU FOX 2)

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