New 2022 Samsung ‘The Frame’ TV is available for pre-order

We are suckers for Samsung – especially when it comes to “The Frame” TVs. Who would not be?

Not only does television transform to art when you’re not watching movies, shows and more, but it also looks sleek and gorgeous in any space.

Since the brand’s initial “The Frame” TV launch in 2017, Samsung has only improved the beloved TV. Now, the tech mogul brings fans the all new 2022 Samsung “The Frame” TV.

The new model includes the same beloved features such as art mode, a slim fit, a customizable bezel, various size offerings, 100% color volume and more.

But Samsung did not stop there. Instead, the brand added two new features to the 2022 model.

Fans can now look forward to an anti-reflection matte display, which reduces the effects of glare, and a new 2022 user interface, which rotates content vertically among other offerings.

Samsung The Frame TV

While you can not have the TV delivered straight to your home at this moment, you can pre-order your very own 2022 “The Frame” TV now. When you do so, you’ll score free in-home installation and get 50% off a customizable bezel. The product ships by April 8.

You can find Samsung’s entire “The Frame” lineup here for more shopping options.

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