Nothing Phone 1 concept shows stunning see-through design

The Nothing Phone 1’s appearance is still a mystery, even after Nothing’s The Truth event earlier this week confirmed it’s real. Fortunately, we have a new concept image by designer Ben Geskin to help us picture what this new device will look like, based on what we did learn from the event.

We know that the Phone 1 will use a Snapdragon chipset and the company’s own Nothing OS, and you can see both of these in the image below. For the rest, Geskin took the teaser image of the Phone 1, made up of some seemingly unrelated lines and curves, and turned it into the design we see here.

An unofficial render of the Nothing Phone 1, using an official screenshot of the display, on a white background

(Image credit: Ben Geskin / Nothing)

The back of this concept uses a transparent casing just like the Nothing Ear 1 wireless earbuds that launched last year. Given how rare see-through tech has been over recent years, it would help set the Phone 1 apart from competitors and further establish Nothing’s company identity.

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