One of the Final Witcher 3 Easter Eggs Has Been Found After Nearly Seven Years

Someone has found one of The Witcher 3’s final Easter Eggs nearly seven years after it was released in May 2015.

YouTube user xLetalis discovered that Vivienne, a character that players can free from a curse at the risk of her dying in seven years, can actually be found dead after waiting that long in-game.

Vivienne is at the center of the Blood and Wine expansion’s The Warble of a Smitten Knight quest, where Geralt finds her half turned into a bird. He offers to lift the curse, though warns Vivienne that she may only live as long as the animal as a result.

She accepts, departs, and can later be found in Skellig. By meditating for seven years (more than 2,500 days), or by using console commands to otherwise speed up time, the player can find Vivienne dead in Yennefer’s room at Kaer Trolde Harbor.

Philipp Weber, CD Project Red’s acting lead quest designer, noted the irony of someone discovering the seven-year Easter Egg nearly seven years after The Witcher 3 was released.

He told IGN: “I’m not sure if it’s the last secret, but it for sure is pretty close. Everyone hid so many details during the last months of development that people are probably still going to find something new one day.

“For sure this is the Easter Egg I hid the most out of all the ones I did, so it’s quite impressive it was finally found.”

While it’s one of the final Easter Eggs for now, a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series version of the game is on the way, giving CD Projekt Red plenty of opportunity to sprinkle in new secrets.

In our 9/10 review, IGN said “massive in size and meticulously detailed, The Witcher 3 ends Geralt’s story on a high note,” and we also ranked it highly in our list of top ten open world games of all time.

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