‘Fortnite’ Players Are Facing 90 Minute Queue Times For Season 2, Here’s Why

Fortnite Chapter 3, season 2 is not off to the smoothest of starts at the moment. Despite servers going live this morning, players are finding some of the longest queue times they’ve ever seen for Fortnite, and Epic has issued a message about what’s going on.

I tried to log in right when servers went live a few hours ago, and was immediately hit with about a 75 minute queue time. And that’s exactly how long it took, 75 minutes, as I did manage to get in after the countdown was over. I played a few games, logged out, realized I wanted to go back and check something and now bam, 90 minute queue times have begun.

Epic has issued the following statement about what’s going on:

They’re even saying the season hasn’t “officially launched” yet as of two hours ago, but it has. If you can get in, you can play games, buy the battle pass, see all the new content. There’s something going on where they simply can not get enough servers live to suit everyone, hence why everyone is stuck trying to find room on the few servers they can have open.

My suggestion is once you get in, do not for any reason log out again, as you will likely be faced with an even longer queue time on your return, and will probably have to sit through the entire thing, no skipping ahead. I know sometimes queue times in situations like this can jump around, but from what I’ve seen, you essentially have to sit and wait for every minute, which is not ideal if you wanted to play the game early this weekend. I’m not sure if Epic may have changed their idle policies to log people out if they’re just chilling in the game doing nothing for too long, so be aware of that if you’re putting the game down for a bit.

Fortnite seasonal launches are generally pretty smooth these days, but it’s odd to see this having this much trouble this late after the patch went up at 3 AM. Hopefully this will be resolved shortly, but until then, I would recommend that you get yourself in line now and go play something else in the interim, as it’s going to be a very long wait, and will only continue to get longer as more regions wake up and try to get on themselves.

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