World will ‘take action’ if China supports ‘their friend,’ Russia amid war with Ukraine: Sen. Ron Johnson

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Late. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., Joined ‘The Faulkner Focus’ Monday stressing the need for the US to prevent China from supporting Russian military action against Ukraine. Johnson emphasized how China is ‘playing a very dangerous game’ by standing alongside Russia in any capacity amid their invasion into Ukraine.


LATE. RON JOHNSON: China is worried about their image, and they need to understand that their image is being tarnished even further by literally their lack of response. They should be forcefully coming out against what Russia is doing. But they’re not. Now, can we decouple from China overnight? No, but you begin the process. In many respects. We have begun the process, you know, as wages have increased in China. Manufacturers have moved out of China as China has become more authoritarian. As people perceive a greater risk of doing business with China, manufacturers move out of China. That would just continue. I think that would probably pick up speed. China’s playing a very dangerous game, staying pretty much mute as it comes to the atrocities in the war crimes committed by, I guess, their friend, Russia.


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