COVID-19 symptoms: This COVID symptom is an early sign of infection

The novel coronavirus continues to circulate around the country, infecting thousands of people even as restrictions have ended across multiple states.

What to know: Getting infected with COVID-19 is still possible in the United States, despite high levels of natural immunity and protection from COVID-19 vaccines.

Symptoms: Dr. Allison Arwady, Chicago Department of Public Health commissioner, said back in January that there was one common COVID-19 symptom people experienced early on during their infection – sore throat.

  • “Especially in people who’re seeing these more mild breakthrough infections, we are definitely seeing sore throat be a predictor in that group,” Arwady said, per NBC Chicago.

More early symptoms: Dr. Patricia Williams, a family medicine provider with Novant Health in North Carolina, told WFMY News during the omicron variant surge that the coronavirus has been focused on the upper respiratory areas.

  • “Predominantly, my biggest complaint is a sore throat or scratchy throat,” Williams told WFMY News.

What to do: Experts maintain getting the COVID-19 vaccine and the COVID-19 booster shot is the best way to ward off any severe COVID-19 symptoms and keep yourself safe from the virus.

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