How to turn the Samsung Galaxy S22’s hole-punch into a battery and notification indicator

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series has everything you would expect from a modern flagship smartphone: an incredible display, stellar cameras, and snappy performance. The front camera’s hole-punch design, however, can still come across as an eyesore to some people. Luckily, customization is a key feature that gives Android smartphones a leg up over their iOS counterparts. The modding community has come up with creative apps, such as Energy Ring and aodNotify, to repurpose the area around the camera hole to simulate a notification light or even a battery indicator. Both of these apps are now updated to support the Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup.


If you own a Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus, or Galaxy S22 Ultra, you should definitely check these apps out.

AodNotify: Use hole-punch to simulate notification LED

If you miss the good old physical notification LED, aodNotify has you covered. Created by XDA Senior Member Jawomo, the nifty app lets you simulate a notification LED dot in the status bar. As the name suggests, aodNotify seamlessly integrates itself with Samsung’s Always on Display feature to alert you of any incoming notifications. The integration part isn’t hardcoded though, as you can choose to show the notification light even without the Always on Display.

aodNotify notification led animation

Apart from simulating the notification LED, aodNotify lets you create customizable edge lighting effects to display a ring of light around the hole-punch. The app also offers a notification preview feature, through which you can check if you have received any notification without fully waking up your device.

Energy Ring: Battery indicator around hole punch

Next up is Energy Ring by XDA Recognized Developer jagan2. With this app, you can easily add a circle around the front camera lens on your Galaxy S22. There are a lot of customization options at your fingertips, such as configuring the width of the pixel area to be used around the camera cutout, switching the direction of depletion between clockwise, anti-clockwise, and bi-directional, changing colors on the base of battery level, and more. You can further extend the capabilities of Energy Ring by installing the privacy indicator app named Access Dots from the same developer.

Energy Ring animation

Using in-app purchases, users can unlock the ability to add gradients or multi-colored rings around the hole-punch camera. The developer claims that Energy Ring does not eat your phone’s battery unnecessarily and has a negligible load on the CPU. Note that the Galaxy S22-specific calibration is still in the early access stage, so the app may be a little rough around the edges.

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