Best Buy, Walmart, PS Direct & More Expected to Drop This Week – March 14-March 20

Those looking to get a PS5 in the upcoming restocks from March 14-March 20 have several options to look after!

After a considerable wait time, PS5 consoles are starting to get a steady number of exciting releases.

Just this month, these past few weeks, PlayStation 5 received Elden Ring and the critically acclaimed Gran Turismo 7.

Needless to say, the hype for Sony’s latest hardware is at its highest peak. Things will certainly not slow down with upcoming titles like a God of War Ragnarok slated for a 2022 launch.

If you plan to get a PS5 console to play all these great titles, there are plenty of restocks expected to happen from March 14-March 20!

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All PS5 Restocks – March 14-March 20

Best Buy PS5 Restock

Best Buy March 14-March 20 Restock

Best Buy PS5 Restock Date: This Week (Rumored)

This time, Best Buy had a PS5 in-store restock on March 10. Although, this was an unannounced event. Industry insider Jake Randall mentioned it, and many people could get a console in store.

Due to this reason, it is possible Best Buy could have an online PS5 restock soon. Nonetheless, this drop would likely be exclusively for TotalTech members.

Even if Best Buy does not restock PS5 consoles this week, there is a slight chance you can get one in-store.

To do this, use the Best Buy app trick and find out if your local store has leftover stock from the March 10 in-store drop. If that is the case, head to your store and purchase your console.

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Walmart PS5 Restock

Walmart PS5 Restock March 14-March 20

Walmart PS5 Restock Date: March 14 (Confirmed)

Walmart’s next PS5 restock will take place on March 14, the retailer has confirmed through a new email.

The previous PS5 drop from Walmart on February 24 was quite lackluster. For this reason, we predicted last week the retailer could move this month’s restock a bit further.

As well, most Walmart restocks are now exclusive to Walmart + subscribers. Make sure you have a membership if you want to participate in this restock.

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PlayStation Direct PS5 Restock

PlayStation Direct PS5 Drop

PlayStation Direct PS5 Restock Date: This Week (Rumored)

Generally, PlayStation Direct restocks PS5 consoles a couple of times per month. Although, these drops are only accessible through a direct invite.

This retailer sent its last PS5 email invites on February 22. Considering PS Direct usually sends invites on or after the second week of the month, a new batch of invites is likely scheduled for this week.

If you want to have a chance to purchase your console from this retailer, here is how you can register to get a PS Direct PS5 email invite.

Also, if you are already registered, find out if registering more than once for a PS Direct email invite helps or not.

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GameStop PS5 Restock

GameStop PS5 March Drop

GameStop PS5 Restock Date: Unlikely This Week

This past week was a good one for GameStop PS5 restocks! The retailer started with an online bundle PlayStation 5 event on March 8.

Just a few days later, GameStop hosted an in-store PS5 bundle drop on March 11th. Due to these events, it’s improbable GameStop could have another PS5 drop this week.

However, it is good to keep an eye on GameStop as it sometimes sells leftover stocks in some locations after its restocks.

This is not likely happening as PS5 units almost always sell out quite fast, but if it does, you will undoubtedly find an update here!

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Target PS5 Restock

Target PS5 Restock March

Target PS5 Restock Date: Unlikely This Week

After a long wait, Target finally restocked PS5 consoles on March 10! This retailer usually drops PlayStation 5 consoles every three weeks, so another restock is not expected next week.

According to many restock insiders, Target built up stock for several weeks. That resulted in the restock hosted this week.

If Target does have some leftover stock due to order cancellations, you can expect drops from this retailer between Wednesday and Friday. Although, this scenario would be improbable to happen.

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Antonline PS5 Restock

Antonline PS5 March

Antonline PS5 Restock Date: Unlikely This Week

This is not one of the biggest retailers in the PS5 restock scene. Nevertheless, it sometimes sells a decent number of bundles during online drops.

The last time Antonline had a PS5 restock was on March 2. This retailer rarely restocks PlayStation 5 consoles more than once per month.

For this reason, it is very unlikely we will see another Antonline PS5 drop this week. But, it is always a good idea to follow Antonline’s Twitter for its restock alerts.

Amazon PS5 Restock

Amazon PS5 Drop March

Amazon PS5 Restock Date: Unlikely This Week

You can expect Amazon PS5 restocks almost always after the 20th day of the month. For this reason, it is doubtful you would see a PS5 restock from March 14-March 20 from this retailer.

Also, keep in mind sometimes Amazon does not restock every month, and its last PS5 drop did not meet the expectations of many of its customers.

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Lastly, remember you still have time to redeem the free PS Plus games for March!

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