Gboard adds more than 2000 Emoji Kitchen stickers

Gboard is easily one of the best Android keyboard apps out there, and because it’s a Google app, it’s always getting better. One of the coolest and perhaps the most underrated features of Gboard is Emoji Kitchen, which lets you combine two emoji to create unique stickers. When Google first introduced the feature, it only worked with a handful of emoji. But over time, Google has continued to add more emoji mashups. And that trend continues as we’re getting thousands of new emoji mashups with the latest update.

In a recent blog post, Google announced it’s adding more than 2000 new Emoji Kitchen stickers. While Google has not provided a comprehensive list of the newly added combinations, it lists examples like raining burgers, using the sparkle emoji in “an endless array of messaging possibilities,” and sharing your love for pretzels. The Emoji Kitchen feature works in most instant messaging apps. To try it out, open Gboard’s emoji picker and put two emoji together; you’ll see all possible sticker combinations appear in a carousel just above the keyboard.


In addition, Gboard is also adding Emoji Kitchen-style text stickers. We recently spotted this feature being rolled out to some users. Gboard identifies the text and converts your words into colorful stickers built with your exact text as you type your message. Google has now confirmed new text stickers are now available for Google Pixel phones. There’s no word on when the feature will make its way to everyone.

Finally, Google says the new grammar correction feature is officially expanding to all Android phones. Earlier the feature was exclusive to the Pixel 6 series. As the name suggests, the grammar correction tool automatically catches your grammatical errors and provides corrections and suggestions. The feature works locally on your phone “to preserve your privacy.”

All these new features are now available in the latest version of Gboard. To try them out, update your app from the Play Store or sideload the latest APK from APKMirror.

Source: Google Blog

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