Telegram 8.6 for Android brings the design up to par with the iPhone version

Along with a new download manager and redesigned pages


Telegram might not have the same massive user base as WhatsApp, but it offers a notably superior experience, with features like built-in translation, reactions, and spoiler typing. What’s even better is the rapid pace of app development, as it is frequently updated with new features. Only a month after Telegram 8.5 dropped with video stickers and new navigation options, another major new release is out that improves the download manager, brings the Night mode interface on Android on the same level as the iPhone version, tweaks the login flow, and more .

Unlike other messaging services, Telegram has a generous file sharing limit set at 2GB. This cap has made it popular for sharing large documents and videos, as there’s no limit on the number of files you can share. To make the sharing experience better, Telegram 8.6 introduces a new icon in the search bar to let you quickly jump into the download manager. From there, you can pause / resume downloads, increase their priority, or view the chat in which you shared the file.


telegram download manager-anim

The latest Telegram update further tweaks Night mode to add a transparency effect to headers and panels, making the entire UI look a lot more attractive. Although it’s been available on iOS since last June 2021, the messaging service proudly boasts in its announcement that they “have not seen effects like this used in any other Android app” and that it brings “more of the best visual technologies in the world from other platforms to Android. ” Another minor – though nonetheless notable – improvement is the redesigned login process on Android with smoother new animations.


You can now preview how an album will look in a chat and rearrange or remove media items as required. Additionally, link previews have been redesigned with chat backgrounds and design cues from the web client. Depending on your privacy setting, it is also possible to share a link with your phone number instead of your username.

telegram pages-anim

If you use Telegram’s live video broadcasts to connect to your audience, you can use broadcast tools like OBS Studio or XPlot broadcast to add overlays and multi-screen layouts and essentially turn your stream into a TV station.

Finally, today’s blog post ends with a message of support for its Ukrainian users and employees, while also noting it plans to “continuously improving Telegram’s ability to connect people in areas with limited coverage and withstand service disruptions.”

Telegram 8.6 is rolling out now through the Play Store, though it may take a while to show up for everyone.

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