Long COVID symptoms: 3 symptoms you can get 6 months later

A new Danish study has identified specific symptoms that COVID-19 survivors feel months after infection.

The news: A study from Denmark’s State Serum Institute (SSI) looked into how often people suffer from long COVID issues.

What they found: The study – which was published for preprint ahead of peer review – found that 53% of the study’s participants said they had COVID-19 symptoms six to 12 months after infection.

  • The researchers said “a considerable proportion experience post-acute symptoms and sequelae 6-12 months after infection.”

Symptoms: Participants in the study said they mainly felt three COVID-19 symptoms months after infection:

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Sleep issues
  • Physical exhaustion
  • The study also found that patients suffered COVID-19 symptoms that “were so severe that many people were unable to work,” per Self.com.

Meanwhile: A study published in the medical journal The BMJ back in February found that one-third of COVID-19 patients often suffered a new COVID-19 symptom months later.

The bottom line: Long COVID-19 continues to be a constant health issue for people infected with COVID-19 and more research is being done to assess the damage of long COVID-19.

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