Lego finally adds Princess Peach to its Super Mario sets

Lego’s Super Mario sets have been around for roughly two years, but there’s been a conspicuous omission: namely, any of the leading women from the video games. The company is rectifying that soon, thankfully. Lego has marked Mar10 Day by introducing Princess Peach to its Super Mario Adventures range. Buy her Starter Course and you can defeat opponents like Lemmy, collect fruit, earn coins and ride a swing set.

You can team up with Mario or Luigi, of course, and you’ll rack up more coins if you play with someone else.

The Peach Starter Course will not be available until August 1st, when it will sell for $ 60. A combo Cat Peach suit and Frozen Tower expansion set will arrive at the same time for $ 80. And there’s more regardless of your character preferences. Lego will sell a Big Spike’s Cloudtop Challenge expansion for $ 70 on August 1st, while a smaller Fuzzy Flippers add-on will cost you $ 20. Lego has also teased Peach’s Castle, Yoshi’s Gift house and Goomba’s Shoe sets, although there’s no US pricing for those as we write this.

We’re wondering where the other characters are – there’s no Daisy or Pauline, at least not yet. Still, this is welcome news if you’ve wanted a wider range of characters to play beyond Nintendo’s signature plumbers.

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