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A new update for Gran Turismo 7 is now available, bringing with it a raft of changes designed to address some of the bugs encountered by some players since the game’s general launch last week.

Weighing in at 916MB on PlayStation 5, the update known as 1.06 is the first post-launch patch for the title – as gamers would have had to update to 1.05 on day one in order to play.

As you’d expect from an update relatively early in a game’s life, the size does not correspond to new content but to fix glitches noted across the community. In the case of 1.06, the major fixes relate to game progression issues.

The primary fix covers issues with the Menu Books not completing properly. This prevented players from advancing through the core single-player game and, as a result, unlocking tracks and features. We’ve had a number of reports from players of this issue cropping up, though the patch notes state it is a “very rare issue”…

There’s also a fix for an issue with one of the game’s trophies, Rain Royalty. Although it’s not specifically detailed in the trophy description, it’s awarded for at least passing all of the license tests that are set in wet weather conditions – though in some cases it was not triggering properly.

This is now fixed, and according to the patch notes if you were affected you can pick up the trophy by heading back and getting a bronze time (or better) in each again. However GTPlanet’s users are reporting that completing any one test (such as B-1) will cause the trophy to pop.

Another license test glitch actually helped players out, but has now been reverted. A bug was introduced which enabled the Overtake boost feature on the Super Formula car used in the S-7 test, making target times a lot easier. That’s been undone and the leaderboards wiped – but you’ll retain your progress.

Aside from these, the fixes in the update cover minor but irksome bugs across the board. The full patch notes are quite lengthy, but include tweaks to car settings, livery editor, GT Auto functions, brand invitations, and Showcase. In addition there’s a fix for the Thrustmaster TH8A shifter. In addition, the patch notes also refer to a bug with engine swaps, which is the first time this feature has been directly acknowledged in any way.

There’s also a single new feature added, by way of a wind speed / direction indicator on the main race screen. We’ve seen strong crosswinds affecting the car previously, but the indicator will also allow players to anticipate the arrival and departure of weather systems.

The update is now available, and you’ll need to apply it before you can access the bulk of Gran Turismo 7‘s features.

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